Administrative Assistant Resume

Key Requirements for Administrative Assistant  Resume

accounting_resume_sampleAn Administrative Assistant Resume is submitted when applying for a job as an administrative assistant.  This position is responsible for a large workload where he or she will have to plan meetings, appointments, manage projects, handle travel arrangements etc. An administrative assistant should be indispensable to the employer.  They will have to know exactly what their boss’s requirements are, what information should be important to him and what is not.  Other job requirements include being able to handle the boss’s correspondence, remind him about his appointments and handle his calls. An administrative assistant is similar to a personal assistant. If you are applying for this position of a high caliber superior as a CEO or a Department head, then the applicant should have a college degree or a high school degree. The latter will be considered if she is knowledgeable in the industry in which the job exists and has a good command of computer literacy plus excellent writing skills.

If you are applying for a job such as this, your Administrative Assistant Resume should contain certain specific details.  Adhering to these details can help you to come closer to getting the job.

As with any resume, it should begin with your name, address and telephone number and email address.  All information necessary should be provided to make it easier for the potential employer to be able to contact you at any time.

•    All education information should be provided.  If you have attended any seminars, clubs and organizations which you think will be useful in order to get the job, should be included.

•    All employers need to know what you were doing before you applied for the job.  Therefore, provide all relevant details of past jobs in order to keep them informed.  This makes the resume impressive.  If you have no past work experience any voluntary work or community service work which you could have done which you think is relevant to the job applied could be stated.

•    Your Administrative Assistant Resume should be impressive.  Therefore, include any certificates which you have received for computer programming, typing etc.

•    The job objective should be easily understood.  This should be written using an effective introductory statement.

•    Avoid the use of the word “I”.  Reserve it to the cover letter.

•    The resume should only highlight information relevant to the field of administration.  Therefore, it is better not to mention other achievements and results.  This will only make the resume too long.

•    Have at least three referees which you can rely on. This information should not be directly provided by mention that references are available on request.

•    When writing the resume it should be kept in mind that the job being applied for call for a person who is organized and efficient and neat.  Therefore, the resume should portray these qualities.

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