Accounting Resume Writing Guidelines

Accounting resume writing should be very effective

resume_writing_guidelinesTo be effective, your accounting resume should begin with a resume title. The title of your resume is the opening of your resume and this should be attention-grabbing. Keep in mind that a first look at your resume by the hiring manager should be able to lead you to the job interview. There are so many formats for the resume title. However, the opening of your resume should carry your name and your complete address. These should be placed at the center of your page and each on a separate line.

An accounting resume should have a resume objective. This is not a strict requirement, but it is needed to enable your resume have a focus and to perk up your chances of being selected for an interview. Your resume objective is all about stating what your priorities as well as objectives towards the company are. These should however be listed briefly. Keep in mind that your objectives should be persuasive. This means that you should sound convinced, go-getting and eager to work.

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Another very apparent section of your accounting resume should be the section relating to your educational qualifications. Every hiring manager will want to know the name of the institution you have attended or currently attending; your particular area of studies; your date of graduation or intended date of graduation and your scores. Keep in mind that this will have much to do on your performance on the job. Where possible, mention could also be made of certain subjects or activities which are relevant, although not directly related to the job.

The hiring manager will want to know about any experience you have in the field of accounting. In fact, most hiring managers consider this section of your resume most important. Make sure that you have listed out every job and start with the most recent as well as the period of employment. It is also recommended that you give the full names of every employer you have worked with. Keep in mind that the hiring manager has the right to make any verification. The educational qualification you present should be accompanied by any accounting skills related to the job. And of course, you must let the hiring manager know that you have a good command of IT skills. Also remember that skills may not be directly related to the job resume position, but may be on things which the hiring manager may use to develop some liking on you.

Accounting resume writing should be brief and to the point. It is advised that more usage of clauses, phrases and bullets should be used in place of complete sentences. Remember that the hiring manager has lots of other resumes to go through. A good example of the required resume length can be found in Also make sure you have presented information in a manner pleasing and attractive to the eyes. For more resume format tips, recourse should be made to