Accounting Resume

Accounting Resumes Must be Employer Centric

An Accounting Resume is submitted when applying for a job in an accounting firm.  Whether it is a clerical post or an accountant post a quality resume will make the difference between being selected or not.  This resume format is similar to the executive resume.  As with a business resume it has to highlight all the strengths required for the job.
cashier_resumeIf written in an organized manner this resume should gain the employers attention. Even though you are writing an accounting resume, write it with a marketing flare. This is because a resume should take a customer centric approach and pitch your capabilities to match the needs of the prospective employer.

A resume is shorter than a CV as it offers only a summary of the required skills and education. Usually it is only about one page in length.  Therefore, only relevant information should be included in the resume. By using some “buzz words” that relates directly to the accountancy profession, you can indicate your professional awareness of the field but use them tactfully and strategically. It is recommended that the applicant investigate the company and its requirements before beginning to write his resume.  If an understanding is achieved as to what is required from the applicant he will be better able to market himself to the employer. Present your competencies in words that match the job attributes and requirements. This makes the reader realize that you are a good match for the job. Below is an Accounting Resume sample:

Address, City, Phone number, EmailOBJECTIVE
You will state what your objective of writing the resume is.
“To work as a cost accountant, by utilizing excellent cost accounting knowledge coupled with management accounting experience that facilitate the alignment of costing activities with overall business objectives and needs”QUALIFICATION SUMMARY
All qualifications relevant to the job applied should be stated along with period.  In this section, the applicant is able to market himself by highlighting key achievements, capabilities and skills

Past work experience relevant to the job should be stated. Provide information on key achievements in previous job and not the list of duties.

The university attended and what the applicant majored in and any other courses he followed which will help to further his chances at the job. Mention all Professional qualifications such as CPA or CIMA that directly relates to Accountancy


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