Accounting Cover Letter

Accounting Cover Letter Should Highlight Accounting Competencies

accounting-cover-letterAn Accounting Cover Letter is submitted along with the resume when applying for a job in the accountancy field.  This cover letter is the same as a business cover letter and will highlight the experience and qualifications required to fulfill the job applied for.

When writing a cover letter of this type it is important that the knowledge and qualifications of the applicant which is relevant to the accountancy field is highlighted. The field of accountancy is very organized, systematic and therefore, your cover letter should portray these characteristics in you as well. Just as it can place a candidate at an advantage when written well, an Accounting cover letter which is written badly can take away the chance for even an interview

Accounting Cover Letters can be made effective by adhering to certain guidelines when writing. Below are a few tips on how to write a cover letter in the proper manner.

1.    State the purpose of your letter which makes it clear to the reader what you intend to achieve from this letter. In this case, it would be to secure a job in the accounting filed. Mention how you became aware of the job opportunity.

2.    The next point will be to prove your experience in the field of accountancy.  This should be written in a manner which will impress the employer.  He should be motivated to read on.

3.    Different levels of accountancy posts have different competency requirements. A cost accountant post competencies differ from that of a management accountant or a finance director. Your cover letter should highlight the competencies relevant to the position in context if it’s a targeted resume. But if you are prospecting for a job in accounting and flexible in considering a number of options, then you can mention a diverse array of competencies within accountancy.
4.    Accountancy is a professional field and therefore it is important that the applicant give information on the professional qualifications relevant to the post, such as CIMA or CPA.

5.    Your Accounting Cover Letter should not exceed more than one or two pages.  The shorter your cover letter is, the easier it will be for the reader. It must be kept in mind that an organization receives hundreds of applications for jobs; therefore, the potential employer will not spend time reading long cover letters.

6.    Indicate your availability for an interview to the potential employer.

7.    If you have no previous experience in the accountancy field but are qualified on paper, it will benefit you to state how your skills in other areas will suit the company.

8.    The applicant should explain in another paragraph what HE can do for the company.  Explain how you can input certain business practices you are familiar with to help the company to further development.  Do not write this in a manner which makes you sound conceited.

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