About Us

For over a decade Grand Resume has been one of the elite in the professional resume writing industry. In that time we have helped thousands of people meet and achieve their desired career goals through delivering powerful, winning resumes that get attention and convince recruiters in any industry of the value of the applicant. When it comes to the writing or refining of resumes for getting candidates into the top10% of the applicant pool and, more importantly, getting them to the interview stage, Grand Resume is at the cutting edge.

Our approach to getting people the jobs they really want has always been the same – hire the only the best and most experienced resume writers available. You can rest assured that at Grand Resume we don’t just hire anybody that can put pen to paper. Our selection process is rigorous with preference given to writers with HR backgrounds and professional resume writers with substantial portfolios. As well, we aim to provide our clients with industry specific expertise. That means if you’re an accountant, we have a writer on-hand who specializes in crafting high-quality resumes for accountants.

Here at Grand Resume, we focus on one thing and one thing alone, giving you access to the people with the skills and know-how to help you achieve your career aspirations. We can make a difference for you.