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Project Manager Resume Writing Guidelines

Project manager resume is often written badly because most resume writers fail to think clearly ahead of writing their resumes.

If you can think and imagine possibilities clearly, you have a winning chance that your resume will get you to the job interview. If you think of writing a project manager resume, do not mumble. As soon as you have made up your mind to write an professional resume, simply gather necessary information and begin to write your resume from scratch.

Sample resumesOrganize your qualifications clearly. Start by letting the employer know that you are qualified for the job of a project manager. First you must know the job description. This will take you to carry some preliminary research about the job as well as the employer. Make an outline of the academic qualifications that are related to the job, rather than listing every job qualification you have got. You can either use a chronological order or a reverse chronological order to represent your academic achievements. This will however depend on the resume format you decide to use. Use this section of your resume to tell you employer what you are. End with a summary of related qualifications that may not be directly related, but which may offer some advantage to your application. The purpose of this is to fix the basics of your message in the mind of your employer. This should equally be the same for work experience. Most employers will use your work experience to determine what you can do. Make sure you list out only those job related experiences with transferable skills. Keep in mind that most employers are interested in what you can bring into the company.

Be specific and straight to the point. Make sure you use short sentences and short phrases to convey your message. In business, time is money. No employer will want to waste valuable time trying to infer meaning from what you write. Keep in mind that short words, phrases and sentences are easier to be read than long ones. For more on limiting the length of sentences and phrases, see

Make your project manager resume vigorous, direct and personal. Most employers respond best when they have the feeling that their problems have been addressed by job applicants. They easiest way in which conviction and reliable can be added to your resume is to write from the perspective of your employer. Research on those specific needs of your employer and use a positive tone to prove that you can take care of these needs. Use an active and positive tone to convey this to your employer. Use active verbs and write in a conversational tone.

Project manager resume should consist of facts which genuinely represent you. Keep in mind that it serves no purpose to tell lies or misrepresent information in your resume. If you are employed on the basis of information you provide in your resume, and you are later found to be the opposite of what you professed, you will be fired from the job. This will be more disastrous then not getting the job. For more resume tips on writing a resume, see


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