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abou_usWho wouldn’t like to win a lottery? As a caring team of professional resume writers & career counselors, we think about our customers. That is why we have three excellent special offers/discounts for YOU! Observe some money-saving incentives for choosing our team.
discounts-img-1We offer not simply a discount for selecting both packages with our resume writing and job search services, but something more exclusive. First, it’s your opportunity to kill two birds with one stone and get a complete job application package with 5 necessary documents included and let us search for the most appropriate vacancies + submit all needed documents for you. It’s far more comfortable and fast than requesting a stand-alone service. We can provide you with something more valuable than a single resume or cover letter, and it is our interest to offer the best bonuses and conditions for our clients. Please find out all information on our exclusive proposals in the table below. Discover the best level of services for our fair pricing!

By now, you have THREE attractive special opportunities from us!

Personal Website
In case you order both services, we guarantee a unique gift for you – a personal website which will serve as your personal business card. See how easy it is to have personal web page created by our experts. We will highlight all your areas of competence by developing the best content and outlay for your individual site.

Grab Your Discount
We have special loyalty programs for our regular customers. Looking for a good discount? We know how to do it! You can win a huge discount by inviting your friend or sharing our services on social accounts. For every registered user from your side, we’ll pay you back in the shape of favorable discount. Don’t miss your chance to save even more money with GrandResume!

Individual Approach
Looking for a single job application document like resume or CV ONLY? You can always check out our individual approach by choosing only those documents out of all you really need. To order single document written from scratch, or a resume revision/editing, contact our team. We will come to the most favorable compromise that will definitely satisfy your job thirst.!

The Process Itself

Why Pick Our Services?

Developing ULTIMATE job application package (5 major documents included)
Completing job search for you (selecting vacancies and applying for them)
Filling your social accounts (FaceBook and LinkedIn)
Completing job search for you (selecting vacancies and applying for them)
All CERTIFIED resume writers and career advisors (10+ years of experience in career field)
Providing FREE durable post-purchase support (30 days after delivering the order to you)