Career Seekers Survival Guide

Can’t figure out what to do with your new resume? We’ve got you covered

image-5At Grand Resume we try to make sure that you’ll have absolutely everything you’ll need to make your job search a resounding success. While having a great resume is a good start to getting the job you want, a lot of what happens after that depends on you and the approach you use to getting your resume in the right hands. That’s why we’ve taken the extra step of providing you with all the additional information you need to carry your search through to a positive conclusion and it’s all in one, concise package.

Our manual, entitled, “The Career Seekers Survival Guide,” is filled with tips and strategies that will keep the momentum going after your professional resume is delivered. Everything from effective job searching to interview preparation and even a section on dealing with the stress of being unemployed – this volume will play a image-4pivotal role in your efforts.

This manual was designed to be simple to use and easy to implement. We had the very best of our team of writers compile into one short text; their years of experience in helping professionals get to the next stage of their careers. So, now you know everything they know and knowledge is power in today’s job market. You will know all the do’s and don’ts of looking for a new job, what things to avoid during interviews and how to properly follow up after one. There’s no doubt that you’ll have an edge in the competition with this info at your fingertips. If you’re not convinced of the possibilities, just take a look at the table of contents;

  • Chapter One - Preparing Marketing Material
  • Chapter Two - Career Seeking Effectiveness
  • Chapter Three - Interviewing Preparedness
  • Chapter Four - Staying Positive through Unemployment
  • Appendix A - Cover Letter Examples
  • Appendix B - Resume Examples
  • Appendix C - Additional Material Examples
  • Appendix D - Percentages of Jobs Obtained through Various Methods
  • Appendix E - Know Yourself

This informative guide is yours for free if you order any of our Resume Packages that we have available. It doesn't matter if you want a professionally made CV or resume. The guide is yours at no additional cost! But, if you just want the guide without extra services, we're making it available to you for the low price of $19.95.

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